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We’ve all got stories, interests, and details about our lives that may constitute us as a “weirdo”. But if we talk openly about them, is it really that weird? Join host Tori Roovers & friends talk through some of these things, and learn just how interesting even the most seemingly ordinary person can be.

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5 days ago

Welcome back friends, family & the rest of ya's.
It's been a minute since we've had a guy on the podcast, and what a guy to have! Meet JAKE TOWN, certified Tall Dude and probably your favorite bartender. Jake's upbringing was anything but ordinary OR stationary. He & Tori talk about some significant and heavy topics including suicide prevention, men's mental health, and that one time he ran naked through The Bay. You're gonna love him enough to want to check him out yourself over at Funky Chow.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The subject of suicide is discussed in detail in this episode.
This week's featured artist: Brendan Scott Friel! 
Song #1 1: Lorelai
Song #2: Through the Rain
Check out Brendan's website HERE.

Thursday Mar 09, 2023

And just like that... we're back with our first one-on-one interview of 2023!
We get to sort of welcome someone back, as she was one of the mini interviews from the last group episode. You got a glimpse, but we're certain that after this full-length interview you'll also fall in love with BIANCA STEFINA Certified Clinical Trauma specialist - Addiction. Bianca leads her practice with an incredible amount of compassion. Her kindness (she's truly so kind) doesn't stop her from commentating on our distorted ideas of mental health, addiction and much much more. We really think you'll take some valuable information from this one.
Check out Bianca's Instagram & Psychology Today pages too!
This episode's featured artist: Bethany D'Alimonte!
Song #1: Thinkin' Of You
Song #2: In The Bag

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Thank you for your support and patience. Tori explains the hiatus as well as the reasoning for this new (albeit temporary) name. And to kick off the comeback, she has something really special for this episode. 
Instead of the usual one-on-one interview, this episode features 6 mini-interviews with some wonderful women, most of who you haven’t met yet!
Meet MACKENZIE! She and Tori have recently bonded over the majorly significant and majorly brave life-change she has made. You’ll be proud of her too.
Next, BATZY! Batzy is not only a mega interesting person, but she's also Tori’s longtime hairstylist! We all know that our hairstylists are also our closest confidants, so this is a treat. Check out Batzy’s salon Black Swan Salon on Instagram and their website!
You’re gonna love guest #3: NUSSAIBA! Six years ago her and Tori met through work (right here at Blackburn!!) and became pretty instant friends. They talk Nussaiba’s upbringing as “the only Arab in Tennessee” and her recent engagement.
Speaking of confidants, meet BIANCA! She does a much better job at explaining her title, but know that she is one of the people making our world better via her work as a certified clinical trauma therapist. She is lovely and insightful and SPOILER…next episode’s guest! DEFINITELY check out her website.
There’s no introduction needed for this next guest. JENA from Episode 12 joined the group and shared a little (not so little) life update. Let’s be honest: she’s here for a good laugh.
Aaaand last but not least, meet ANA! This brief chat actually makes Tori cry. Ana is resilient and insightful, we can’t wait for her to be back!
This week’s featured artist: Baker Grace!
Song 1: Pressure
Song 2: Comfortable

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Hope you’re ready to *really* talk about how NOT weird we humans are, because we’ve got a therapist in the house! 
Please welcome SHANNON DOW (MSW, RSW). She and Tori met at a very “transformative” time and immediately hit it off. While Shannon specializes in trauma and PTSR, she has a real aptitude for spirituality and energy. Hear her & Tori talk about her work, her own healing journey & some of the more “non-traditional” (to the Western World at least) forms of healing (psssst…it’s psychedelics). 
Find Shannon on Instagram and Psychology Today! 
This week’s featured artist: TALKING VIOLET!
Song 1: Indigo
Song 2: Slowdance
Stream their album (which is a personal favorite of Tori’s) “Tell Your Friends You Love Them” HERE.

Thursday Oct 20, 2022

We have our first returning guest for this week's episode, and for good reason! After VANESSA came on the podcast back in March (listen to Episode 5 HERE), her and Tori reconnected in a very special way.
This episode sounds more like a co-host discussion than it does an interview. Enjoy them discussing what being single together has looked like, the story of their drunk grandmother from Tennessee and what exactly their "types" are. Like last time, we gotta warn you that there's A LOT of giggling. 
Follow Vanessa on Instagram & stay tuned for a fun project from her in the near future!
This week's featured artist: TAYA FANARA!
Song 1: Night Shift
Song 2: Not Sorry 

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Tori didn’t anticipate that this podcast would bring her closer to people from Essex, but evidently, it has! 
This week, she’s joined by her longtime (but somewhat long lost) friend, DEEN OOZEER! If the last name rings a bell, that may be because both of his parents are beloved retired grade school teachers. His dad taught AND coached Tori and holds a very special place in her heart. Deen talks about the reality of having such influential parents, what it’s like being a person of color from a small town and candidly tells the story of his adoption. Enjoy!
This week’s featured artist: DVO!
Song 1: S.T.O.W.
Song 2: Company
Follow him on Instagram and stream his music HERE.

Thursday Sep 22, 2022

Hope you’re having a great September! Time has gone by in a very weird way for Tori, which she explains in the intro of this episode. As always, thanks for the love and support y’all.
We’re excited to present a lovely interview with a lovely woman, CHESLEA FREEZE! Yes, CHES-LEA. If you’re a local who likes yummy things, you’re likely familiar with her bakery Kings Bake Shop! It’s one of Tori’s favorites, and she is honored to have her here to talk her start in the game, her quick marriage, tiny home, and being a young (& successful) business owner. She is truly a joy to listen to, which is really all we need right now.
Follow Kings on Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok! 
This week’s featured artist: April Shaye! 
Song 1: California Dreams (Summer Remix) - ft. Karepa
Song 2: Second Chances

Thursday Sep 08, 2022

Welcome back! Let's just get right into it!
This week's guest is none other than Tori's own sister, TAYLOR BENNETT! Try to follow along in the intro when Tori explains a bit of their family tree (or as Jay says, "it looks more like a family bush"). Taylor is certainly Tori's closest sibling and it's a joy to hear them reminisce on their childhood, discuss how they're alike but VERY different, and talk a little smack about their loved ones. 
For resources on domestic abuse / family violence in your area (Canada), click HERE.
For information on Hiatus House (Windsor) and their services, click HERE.
This week's featured artist: Christee Palace!
Song 1: What Have You Done To Me
Song 2: Jekyll & Hyde Me 
Stream her music everywhere & follow her on Instagram!

Thursday Aug 25, 2022

New & old listeners - welcome to Episode 15! We’re a little overwhelmed (in a *mostly* good way) at the response from last week’s episode. Tori discusses it - listen nicely. 
Tori & her guest get RIGHT into the heavy stuff this week. We are pleased to welcome SHAYLA BOOSE to the podcast! Shayla & Tori met in college and right away liked each other. Listening to Shayla talk relationships, living ALL OVER Windsor, traveling the world & motherhood should give you a good idea why. 
Shayla runs a wedding stationary business called Mrs. Prints Charming that you MUST check out. See some of her work on her Facebook or Instagram pages - we're sure you’ll be impressed.
This week’s featured artist: JOSIE ELYSIA! 
Song 1: The Cave
Song 2: Out Of My Head
And check out Josie’s beauty page too…she truly does it all. 

Thursday Aug 11, 2022

First off, HUGE thanks for continuing to stream the podcast even during Tori’s little hiatus. The support coming in over the past few weeks has been invaluable to her.
Joining us this week is badass mother, feminist, and high school friend of Tori, CAMERON BASTIEN! Cam and Tori didn’t really have a relationship until recently actually, when they realized how similarly they feel about important issues AND share the same sentiments towards the people of their hometown. She has some incredible insight on "controversial subjects" and such strong conviction, you’d have no idea she’s like…5 feet tall, lol.
We love her, and we love you for listening. Enjoy! 
This week's featured artist: MZTF
Song 1: Liar
Song 2: Luna (with SKINWOLFF & Tony Coates)


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